The photograph that got Orbital back together after 5 years apart.

This is the family photograph which got Orbital back together.

For five years two of the brothers in this photograph, Paul and Phil Hartnoll, barely spoke. 

They were, therefore, unable to function as Orbital.

This photograph Ihaunted Paul everytime it caught his eye.

Finally it prompted him to get the band back together.

This episode of Born Optimistic is Orbital's first interview after that five-year hiatus.

In a joyous and revealing interview, they cover lots of ground about breaking up, getting back together and many points in between.

Paul Hartnoll captioned it for us in an email, "I’m the little one being propped up by my mum with the grumpy disapproving look. Thats Dr. Gary on the left , no prizes for guessing where Phil is."



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