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‘The goal is essentially to create art that we think is very human and very true, and if we made inter planetary contact we’d be proud to say, ‘this is from humans.''

‘Delush’ is a groovy and progressive hip-hop and R&B project, described by Enda Gallery as Psychoanalytical R&B, with new music to be released soon.

From sports psychology to accountant, to full time musician, Enda Gallery, AKA ‘Delush’, discusses his unconventional transformation into an artist creating music he describes as ‘human’ and ‘true’, which helps to encourage self awareness not only in himself but in others.

Enda talks to us about an influential swimming instructor who gave him books about psychology at a young age, which thought him about channelling both positive and negative energy to achieve optimum performance levels. He also discusses the power of inspiration over teaching, as well as the formation of a collective known as ‘Welcome to the New World’, who’s aim is to create music, that if we ever welcome life from another planet, we will be proud to present as art. A very forward thinking, hard working and mindful young artist, Enda Gallery’s story is well worth a listen!

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