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Take the full time job at the bank, or make a pact with your band mates to follow the rock and roll dream?

The wonderful John Spillane, renowned Irish folk singer and songwriter speaks to us about his mother’s turmoil after his decision to quit his full time banking job in order to chase the musical dream. He also talks about being labelled a ‘self conscious naïf’ by an Irish Times writer back in 2005 due to his tendency to purposely write about the world around him in an adoring, almost innocent manner. However from the touching story behind his latest release’s title track ‘All the Ways You Wander’, to the intriguing and beautiful Japanese tradition which inspired his famous song ‘The Dance of the Cherry Trees’, it is clear that there is a much deeper aspect to Spillane’s display of seemingly innocent and idealistic writing.

John Spillane has compiled a vast and impressive discography over the years, and truly embodies the idea of the singer songwriter whose soul interest is to create art that will affect the listener. Whether it be to capture the feeling of a particular place or occurrence, or to tell his story in his own unique and beautiful way, John Spillane’s catalogue of timeless and melodic compositions is a must have for any folk music lover’s CD collection or Spotify library!

We are delighted to have an hour of his time, and we hope you enjoy!

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