Podcast: Nick Kelly On His Great New Movie - The Drummer & The Keeper

BornOptimistic Podcast


This week's guest on the Born Optimistic podcast and radio show is Nick Kelly.

Nick shares lessons and insights gleaned from his childhood, as lead singer of The Fat Lady Sings, through a career in advertising and now onto directing movies.

As we discuss in the interview, Nick's movie brings together experiences from right across his life. It's an amazing movie and a fresh take on the music inspired narrative. The Drummer & The Keeper digs deep yet retains a great sense of humour.

Nick Kelly is also the man responsible for bringing Mic Christopher's music to mainstream attention by featuring 'Heyday' in that Guinness ad.

Thanks so much to Nick for that, for his wonderful songs and now for this movie which has just opened in Irish cinemas. It gets its UK premiere at the London Film Festival next month and plans are afoot for the US too.

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The Born Optimistic show is broadcast every Monday on RTE Radio One Extra.

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