Harry Hoban

Born Optimistic Podcast Harry Hoban

This troubadour has written over a thousand songs that he's been keeping from us all. He delivers a very fresh, open and honest account of how music has helped him keep depression at bay. Fascinating.

He plays a song called 'Getaway' which I believe will be a hit someday. This might actually be the only place in the world you can hear it!


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  • Mary-Majella on

    I second that Danny !

  • Roger De Bris on

    You’ve been begging for a Getaway, there’s no chance ‘cause you know that it’s here that you’ll stay!

  • Daniela Drofenik on

    I met and worked with harry hoban long time ago way back in temple bar and he is one of the nicest human beings I ever met so kind and down to earth will always remember you

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