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BP Fallon, an admired an renowned broadcaster who has also had an extensive and extremely respectable career in the music industry, speaks to us about his life growing up as a child in Germany, and later going to boarding school.

It is clear from the outset that Fallon’s personality is that of a forward thinking and independent one, as he explains how he refused to accept the values thought to him in boarding school about how he was privileged and therefore better than the poorer population. His escape and moral compass came from the music in his life, he explains, sighting a Beatles concert he had once hitchhiked to during that time, resulting in a beating from a teacher.

His experiences growing up, seeing awful things due to war and other events around him, thought him to view his life for what it was, and to appreciate how lucky his was in comparison to a lot of others around him.

Fallon’s story is intriguing to say the least, and that is without even mentioning his collaborations with the weird and wonderful Jack White, based simply on Jack’s admiration for Fallon’s hat. Listen to the story of this veteran of the music industry, who claims to be an optimist, as a result of being a realist.

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