Stephen James Smith

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The first poet ever to appear on the Born Optimistic Podcast, Stephen James Smith has penned spoken word poetry that has moved the nation. From 'My Ireland', to 'Dublin You Are', his poems explore the political and cultural elements of Ireland, with a proud and patriotic tone, through the good and the bad.

Smith discusses his philosophical journey through life, as well as his opinions on Irish drinking culture. He also talks about his attitudes towards eating meat, which have been greatly shaped after attending a gathering in Tanzania, held in his honour, in which he was expected to kill a goat!

James gives us a detailed account of his career from it’s humble beginnings in SpyBar on Eden Quay, to his fascination with capturing a room using nothing but his voice and raw emotion.

A beautiful mind with an optimistic attitude, Stephen James Smith is a voice for the people, fearless in his writing, and passionate in his delivery.

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