Skylarkin' on CD!

What started off as an vinyl re-issue has now also become a CD re-issue.

Maybe that was always going to happen, but we sure hadn't planned it.

It's all down to Joe in Tower Records in Dublin.

He said he wanted loads of Mic's album on CD and there were none available so pretty soon there will be!

We'll be getting them pressed over the next week and have started taking orders now.

It's funny how things work out sometimes!

We're only a few short days into re-releasing Mic's music and already it's taking on a life of its own. Massive shout-out to all of the radioheads who've been playing Mic's music. Ian Dempsey and Paul McLoone on Today FM, Tom Dunne on Newstalk, Dan Hegarty on 2FM, Peter Devlin on Nova. Who have I forgotten? Please let me know,

Thanks a million,


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