Skylarkin Available from Rough Trade Records

Great Record Stores

It's our plan and ambition that over time Mic's Skylarkin' will always be in stock in every great record shop around the world.

We're proud to announce that our overseas network of great record shops begins with Rough Trade Records.

These shops have pretty much helped define what a great record shop is and we're over the moon that they're the first overseas shop to stock Skylarkin'.

Mic would also be thrilled to sharing web-space with one of his idols Fela Kuti as you can see above!

Thanks so much to Nigel House and the team at Rough Trade and thanks so Tom Rixton for making the introduction.

If there's a record shop you think we should be reaching out to then please let us know in the comments below and make an introduction if you know the people there!

Thanks a million,



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