Hey Troubadour Busk

Muireann Mundy Temple Bar Company The Daydreamers

Our Hey Troubadour Day kicks off with this magical free event.
An all-weather busk! If it rains we have loads of gazebos we'll put up to keep everyone dry.
The busk takes place in Crampton Court which is just beside the Olympia Theatre on Dame St. There's a little laneway which runs alongside Brogans Bar which will take you there. There's also another lane on the other side off East Essex St right beside the Project Theatre.
The event runs from 2pm to 6pm.
We're raising funds for Aidlink whilst enjoying some great music.
This is a busk so there's no strict format but what we do so far are the first three acts who will be sharing wonderful music with us.
One of the world's greatest troubadours Mundy will be knocking about until 3.30 when he has to hit the road for Carlow.
Song-writing prodigy Muireann McDonnell will also be there from 2pm as well The Daydreamers Kids Choir who will be singing the songs of Mic Christopher.
More information as we have it.
All this would not be possible without the very generous support of the Temple Bar Company and Dublin City Council.

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