Happy 48th Birthday Mic

Mic Christopher

This is such a happy/sad endeavour for me.

I'm over the moon to be launching Born Optimistic Records with one of the greatest albums of all time but I'm beyond sad that Mic's not around.

Most of us, unfortunately, know at this stage how devastating it is to lose someone. 

Time passing makes it easier and harder at the same time.

I find myself wondering all of the time about all of the things I never got to do with Mic because he's gone.

That's beside the point.

The point is how amazing 'Skylarkin' is and how rare a beast it is.

You have to be aware that very few people knew how far Mic had progressed 'Skylarkin' when he died. People were blown away when they realised just how much work he'd done in secret.

Just before Mic went off on that final fateful tour with The Waterboys, he left Karl Odlum a long list of work to be done on the album. After Mic passed, Karl completed those tasks.

Listening to the album on vinyl for the first time I was struck by the majesty of the songs all over again. So much going on in such a clutter-free way.

Being involved in this re-release gives me the perfect license to spend a lot of time wallowing in the detail of the album. I can't wait.

This is only the beginning of Skylarkin's relationship with the world.

Happy 48th birthday Mic The King. Such a massive bummer you're not here but thanks so much for what you've left behind.

Your sister Maureen and your parents wanted to mark your birthday by releasing 'Skylarkin' and now it is so.


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