Born Optimistic Culture Night 2018

Crampton Court Delush Gigs Lalala Choir Leonard's Corner Mic Christopher Sam Kavanagh Temple Bar Company The Daydreamers

The Daydreamers Kids Choir

Born Optimistic is proud to present free Culture Night entertainment in two locations.

I bet you didn't know that Culture Night was also Mic Christopher and Leonard Cohen's birthdays? We did which is why we've arranged the below.

We have three live acts playing at the Dublin Unitarian Church.

6pm: The Daydreamers Kid's Choir (above) sing some songs from Mic Christopher's album Skylarkin'. A group of 6-12 year olds from Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow have learned all of Mic Christopher's Skylarkin album. This is unbelievably uplifting and super cute yet poignant considering it would have been Mic's 49th brithday.. This is a warm-up gig prior to them taking the stage at the National Concert Hall on Nov 22nd for Born Optimistic: Aidlink For Turkana benefit gig. 

8pm Delush: super soulful piano pop outta Ireland via Berlin - their debut Irish gig! Check him out on the Born Optimistic podcast.

10pm Leonard's Corner sing the songs of Leonard Cohen. This is the first time Born Optimistic have ever promoted a covers band. Of course Leonard's Corner are no ordinary covers band and they play the music of no ordinary man. To be honest, promoting this gig was the only we'd get to them live. Their only previous gigs were upstairs in MVP near Leonard's Corner in Dublin 8 and they were impossible to get into. This gig in honour of what would have been Leonard Cohen's 84th birthday also serves as a preview of Leonard's Corner playing their first city centre gig in the very same venue on Friday Nov 2nd.

If all that wasn't enough we also present a free pop-up choir event hosted by Sam Kavanagh from the Lalala Choir in association with The Temple Bar Company.

Have you ever wanted to see what it's like to sing in a choir? Sam kavanagh will take a square full of strangers and teach them how to sing a song together in an hour. It doesn't matter whether you think you can sing or not. Sam will mould you into part of a glorious singing unit.

This takes place in Crampton Court, Dublin 2 from 5-7.15pm. Crampton Court is the really colourful little square beside the side door of the Olympia Theatre that is planting itself firmly on the musical map of Dublin. 

At 5pm we have an all ages workshop and at 6.15 one geared for adults.

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